The Best Gifts for Horse Girls 2023

The Best Gifts for Horse Girls 2023

The Best Gifts for Horse Girls 2023

If you're here, you are either a horse girl or have one in your life. Or both. Regardless of your reasons, if you've somehow found yourself on a mission to find the best gifts for horse girls in 2023, you're in the right place. 

Horse girls are more challenging to shop for than you might think. I have personal experience with this, because I am one. 

Sure, we love all things horse-related. We'll gleefully hang a horse-themed stocking from our mantle or squeal over a calendar featuring whimsical photos of our favorite four-legged creatures. 

Still, there's nothing we appreciate more than something we genuinely need. You might be thinking, "Horse gear is so expensive!" and you're not wrong. We're all broke, and that's why we need you to get us the staples. 

All jokes aside, this list should help you narrow down the perfect gift for the horse girl in your life. If you can, pick two things: we work hard. *Wink*

A Personalized Horse Necklace

Okay, this might seem contradictory as I'm starting with an item that obviously isn't a necessity. However, so many cute personalized horse necklace options are available on various shopping sites that I must include them.

If you give your beloved horse gal a necklace engraved with the name of her favorite horse, she'll love it, and you, forever. Have you ever heard the term "heart horse?" Every horse girl has one, and that name is the only name we care to wear on our bodies. 

A Saddle Pad (Or Five)

The Best Gifts for Horse Girls 2023

There is no such thing as too many saddle pads. Twenty is not enough. One hundred is not enough. I recommend a saddle pad for every occasion! 

Before you shop, know which discipline your horse girl prefers. Does she ride Western Pleasure, Dressage, or Hunter Jumper? None of the above? All of the above? Does she event, show jump, or run barrels? To shop for a saddle pad correctly, you must know the answers to these questions.

Most importantly, which color does her horse look best in? You can ask her. She knows the answer and will readily offer that information without suspecting a thing. 

Customized Horse Stall Sign

Few things make a horse girl happier than a sign for the stall her favorite head hangs over. There are dozens of styles to choose from, but we swoon over anything that says our name, too. Here's a great example:


Owned By: "Name of Horse Girl"

Depending on the situation, you can swap out "owned" for "leased," "ridden," or "loved." You can never go wrong with a stall sign. Throwing an extra bridle or halter hook in will give us a real thrill. Horse girls can never have too many hooks. 

Riding Boots

You know what they say. If you love the horse girl, you'll get her the boots. 

Thankfully, we live in a time where high-quality boots don't have to be expensive. There are many incredible synthetic options for every discipline; in most cases, they'll last for years!

Websites like Riding Warehouse and have incredible deals on brand-name items. Remember to grab her boot size, calf included, before you shop!

Riding Apparel

The Best Gifts for Horse Girls 2023

Shirts and tops, helmets, hats, outerwear, breeches, tights, jeans, gloves, socks, half chaps, full chaps....we'll take all of it! Again, apparel depends heavily on discipline, so take some time to ask her about what she usually prefers to wear if you don't already know. 

Anything from Ariat makes a great gift, but one of my favorite brands is Pomme Equestrian. Every online tack shop carries riding apparel, so as long as you have her sizes, you'll be able to find something she'll love!

Grooming Essentials

Two things will always ring true in the equestrian world: 

  1. Horses love to roll
  2. Curry combs are easier to lose than AirPods 

If you want a happy horse girl on Christmas Day, a grooming kit could be the answer. You can purchase them pre-packaged or put one together yourself. 

If you prefer the latter option, here are some essentials to include!

  • Curry comb 
  • Soft body brush
  • Hard brush
  • Face brush
  • Hoof pick with a brush
  • Hoof oil
  • Coat conditioner
  • Mane and tail brush
  • Grooming wipes (I like Betty's Best)

There are plenty of extras you can throw in as well. If she already has a specific place where she stores her brushes, like a tack trunk, bag, or tote, put them in a water bucket! We can always use an extra bucket. 

Don't forget to include a bag of horse treats for good measure!

Riding Lessons

The Best Gifts for Horse Girls 2023

Is your horse girl just starting? Maybe she loves horses but has yet to find a place to take lessons. If so, looking around for a reputable trainer and purchasing a couple of lessons is a great way to get her going! 

Even the well-established horse girls will enjoy a gift of a lesson or two. Most of us ride with a trainer at least once weekly, and we'd deeply appreciate a free ride! 

Equestrian Apps

Did you know that lessons have gone virtual? 

Equestrian apps like Equilab, Ridely, and my personal favorite, Equestrian Masterclass, let her take riding lessons without the instructor! These apps are definitely for more seasoned riders who are comfortable and capable of riding alone with one earbud in, so gift wisely. 

If an app sounds like a good fit for the horse girl in question, a year-long membership is the perfect present!


Never underestimate the power of a beaded, embroidered, or bedazzled browband. There is not a horse girl on Earth who will not yelp with joy at the sight of a personalized (in my case, sparkly) browband. 

We love them. It's a fact. You can get beautiful handmade browbands in various places across the internet, but make sure it fits the horse she owns, leases, or rides. 

Once again, we love talking about our horses, so getting the browband size out of her should be pretty easy. If you really want to keep it a surprise, ask her trainer or barn manager! 

Chore Equipment

Sometimes, the horse girl is also the primary horse caregiver. Purchasing equipment to help her do chores faster may not sound as fun as shopping for jewelry or sparkly tack, but believe me when I say it's greatly appreciated. 

The Best Gifts for Horse Girls 2023


Equipment purchases may vary depending on how much you want to spend. Still, anything from grain scoops, pitchforks, and extension cords to water trough heaters, hay steamers, or paddock cleaners will work beautifully.

The rule here is: If it will help her out, she'll love it.  

Finding the Perfect Horse Girl Gift

If there is one thing I can promise those reading this, every gift on this list will surely be a hit. Always take her personality and day-to-day activities into mind when shopping. 

For example, you may have to swap out those riding boots for a pair of muck boots. She may find more use in a pair of winter overalls than riding tights. 

Either way, getting the horse girl something horse-related is always a win. Happy shopping, and of course, happy holidays!

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