Paddock Blade has quickly become the world's favorite tow-behind horse paddock cleaner, designed specifically to clear paddocks of horse, cow, sheep, bison, buffalo, llama, and alpaca manure. It also does an amazing job picking up rocks, sticks, and leaves. It doesn't stop there, spin it around into trailer mode, and as well as being a great grader and leveller for menages and arenas, it can also be used to carry logs, rocks, bales, bowsers, jumps, or anything else up to 1100 lbs. 

A much loved manure collector with simplicity as its strength. It hooks up to any vehicle or ATV in seconds. It's simple, safe, and easy to use for all ages and abilities.

With its 10 year warranty, you can guarantee you'll be saving hundreds of hours of back-breaking work every week for many years to come, as well as giving your horses a clean and healthy pasture to thrive in. Proudly American made with American steel, supporting American jobs and the local economy. It's always been that way and always will be.


    Paddock Blade paddock cleaner clears an acre in under ten minutes and will have your entire property cleared up quickly and efficiently with minimum effort.

    Giving you back more of your own time to do the things you love to do! Paddock Blade users slash their horse muck out time by 70% instantly!


    No more back-breaking work walking around your paddocks for hours in tough weather picking up horse manure with a shovel and barrow, or using substandard products that are unfit for purpose.

    Paddock Blade will instantly save you 90% of the effort you would normally spend on cleaning your paddock(s).


    Paddock Blade also saves you money as it gives your horses a healthier paddock pasture environment to live and eat in. This means less worms and less disease spreading mess, therefore reducing costly vet bills that can often arise due to poor environments for your horses.

    It's a great investment to reduce the cost of maintaining your paddocks. American made, built solid to last a lifetime, and does the hard work so you don't have to.

See How Much Time Paddock Blade Will Save You!


You'll reduce your paddock cleaning time to
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You'll save this many hours over 10 years (The guaranteed lifetime of your paddock blade)
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