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Paddock Blade USA

Paddock Blade Horse Paddock Cleaner | NEW US DESIGN | FREE Delivery

Paddock Blade Horse Paddock Cleaner | NEW US DESIGN | FREE Delivery

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Paddock Blade is a solid reliable quick horse manure collector that makes Paddock Cleaning easy. It takes care of all the hard work so you don't have to. 

It gives you back your valuable time, so you can enjoy doing more of the things you love to do.
  • Proudly American-made with all-American steel and components

  • Every Paddock Blade comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Saves you 70% of your paddock cleaning time

  • Saves you 90% on your paddock cleaning effort

  • The fastest easiest and most efficient solution for your messy paddock(s)

  • Designed to work on both flat, uneven, rough, and undulating terrain

  • Maintenance-free (No moving parts)

  • Can be towed with any ATV, UTV, Ride-on ,Mower or Pick up (Minimum 12-19 mph over 13 horsepower)

  • 95 Gallon capacity (Over 3.5 wheelbarrows)

  • For delivery to Canada (please email

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call text or email, we are always happy to help and customer service is our top priority. 

     *Please note the paddock blade is not intended for use on sand arenas or menages


    Premium locally sourced American Steel & Components.

    Shipping & Warranty

    All pre-orders placed by March 12th will be dispatched by April 23rd.


    Size : 47.5″ Wide x 39.5″ Long x 12 ″High

    Volume held: 97 Gallons (over 3.5 wheelbarrows)


    All Paddock Blades come with a 10 Year Warranty as Standard.

    Eco Friendly

    The entire product is 99% recyclable (we're working on the 1%)

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 199 reviews
      Sharon Kaye Griffiths
      Happy with my Paddock Blade

      I couldn’t be happier with my Paddock Blade. Not only is it cleaning the manure but all the gravel stones from the pasture. After reseeding paddocks last year, decades of hand picking stones were destroyed and the same job is now taking 15 minutes a week with Paddock Blade. If only house work was this much fun!

      Dave Hill
      Excellent product.

      Suns out and got to use the paddock blade. Instead of a couple hours work we cleaned the paddock in 5 minutes. Excellent product.
      Round two got Sh*t loads done today 😂

      Melissa Law
      Paddock clean up is super easy

      I have some steep parts in the paddocks but just tried out my new paddock blade and wished I had used it a long time ago! Working full time mum with horses and kids ! Paddock clean up is super easy now and no more arguments with the kids about horse pooh pick up 👌

      Jacquie Rodney
      cleans all my paddocks - spotless!!!

      Absolutely love my paddock blade- cleans all my paddocks - spotless in no time at all!!! The time saving factor alone is enough of a win for me- prior to purchasing my paddock blade I was terrible at cleaning my paddocks- nobody has time for shovelling s*!t - Honestly?! This handy contraption is so simple to use, it’s Fantastic over all kinds of terrain - hilly paddocks, dirt , long grass, short grass, wet/dry and lumps and bumps . I even use it to rake up the leaves from under my big trees in the back paddock. WINNING 🏆
      Paddock blade is so versatile and easy to use and store . Best investment I’ve made in a long time, worth its weight in gold- and extra happy dance to know I’ve supported an Aussie company . Thanks guys- love it and highly recommend!! Jac 🤠