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Paddock Blade Horse Paddock Cleaner | American Made | (Barn Red) | FREE Delivery

Paddock Blade Horse Paddock Cleaner | American Made | (Barn Red) | FREE Delivery

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Paddock Blade makes paddock cleaning easy

The original paddock cleaner and proudly the only American-made brand

Paddock Blade takes care of all the hard work, so you don't have to

Giving you back your valuable time, so you can enjoy doing more of the things you love to do



  • 48 Wide X 39 Long x 12 High

  • 100lb Easy empty design for all ages and abilities

  • Premium high-quality, heavy-duty, built to last

  • Proudly American-made with all-American steel and components

  • Every Paddock Blade comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Saves you 70% of your paddock cleaning time

  • Saves you 90% on your paddock cleaning effort

  • The fastest, easiest, and most efficient solution for your messy paddock(s)

  • Designed to work on both flat, uneven, rough, and undulating terrain

  • Collects all grazing animal manure, rocks, sticks, and organic debris

  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts or assembly required

  • Use with any 4-wheeler, Ride On Mower, zero turn, golf cart or vehicle (Minimum 13 horsepower)

  • 92 Gallon capacity (Over 3.5 wheelbarrows)


For Delivery to Canada -

For delivery to the UK & Europe -

For delivery to Australia & New Zealand

All orders are fully insured and tracked with our approved courier partners.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call,email, or message us on WhatsApp we are always happy to help and customer service is our top priority.

469-482 0390

*Please note the paddock blade is not intended for use on sand arenas or menages


Premium American Steel and Components.

Fully welded construction, high quality heavy duty and built to last.



All orders are insured and sent with our approved courier partner.

You will be sent an ETA along with your tracking link via email and SMS.


Size : 48″ Wide x 39″ Long x 12 ″High

Weight - 100lbs

Volume held: 92 Gallons (over 3.5 wheelbarrows)


All Paddock Blades are backed and guaranteed by a lifetime (10 year) warranty as standard.

You can read our warranty policy here.

Eco Friendly

The entire product is 99% recyclable (we're working on the 1%)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 154 reviews
    Robyn Simpson
    I Love my paddock blade!

    I Love my paddock blade! I bought this specifically for my hilly paddocks and it works beautifully! It flows right over my hills and picks up just as well as it does on flat land. I also love the size. It is small enough to work in my smaller paddocks that bigger tractors can't turn around in as well, yet it is big enough to handle my bigger paddocks as well. The company is family owned. When you buy from them, you are not left alone. I actually had the privilege of having an owner visit my farm and show me how to use the blade. You just unpack it, hook it up and go. There is no set up. That is what I call customer service! I am super happy with this purchase. Pictures are of my girls having fun cleaning paddocks. Imagine that!

    Sarah Day
    Does what it says

    It works great thanks!

    Connie Vasquez
    My husband was a non-believer!

    I just got my made in the U.S., Paddock Blade and I had a blast using it for the first time today. My husband was a non-believer. He was certain it wouldn't work so he watched me try it out. In the donkeys paddock alone I estimated there was a full 2 hours of hand mucking for one person. I tossed the pull ring over the quad hitch and drove over the piles and BINGO! Everything I drove over got scooped right up! My hubby was both grateful and impressed 😃 (did I mention I love being right? 😉) The only time I had to get off the quad was to dump it. I am 65 years old and I repeatedly dumped it with no problem. i simply drove it up next to my manure pile, dumped it over, dumped it right side up again and drove off. it also has cut out handkes on all three sides making it easy to grab.. I also have a pasture vac (which was tons more expensive) and I hands down prefer using the Paddock Blade because it was so much quicker and easier. Yayyyy!!!!

    Lily Muratore
    Customer service

    As a member of the MFC Equine team I would like to share our story with you as a paddock blade user.
    Our business upon a large property with approximately 60 horses has been made a breeze all thanks to ‘Paddock blade’. With new agistee’s as well as clients for our training services always arriving, we need as much time as possible. Not only was wheeling the barrow and shovel around approximately 30 fenced paddocks an inconvenience but time consuming. After buying our paddock blade we have been able to spend more time doing what we do best but also had the ability to increase our clientele. Devoting more time to our customers here at ‘MFC Equine’. Paddock blade ensures our paddocks and yards are always clean. What about the hard to reach places and uneven surfaces? Sadly not every paddock here is dead flat and proved very difficult when cleaning paddocks with a full barrow. Our paddock blade has been exposed to all terrain and proven no faults, gliding easily over every surface we have.
    Customer service with the company has been absolutely incredible. With a quick reply to any enquiry and honest, friendly responses. We couldn’t recommend this product enough as a business.

    Stephen Hagate
    Makes life easier

    The Paddock Blade works perfect around our property, keeps the paddocks clean and tidy and we use the manure mulched for our gardens
    Anything that makes life easier in the way of horse poo is a bonus

    Naomi Slade
    It was love at first use!

    I have been eying off the paddock blade for some time - finally decided to make the purchase and wonder why I haven’t done so sooner!!!! It was love at first use!!!! So easy and simple. Picks up the pooh, doesn’t dig into the ground. This has saved me hours of shovelling / wheelbarrowing