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Paddock Blade in Hot Pink | Horse Poop Picker Upper | Premium American Made

Paddock Blade in Hot Pink | Horse Poop Picker Upper | Premium American Made

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Paddock Blade makes paddock cleaning easy, fast, and fun!

The original premium quality paddock cleaner and proudly the only American-made brand

Paddock Blade takes care of all the hard work, so you don't have to

Giving you back your valuable time, so you can enjoy doing more of the things you love to do

All Paddock Blades are identical in terms of design and functionality, irrespective of their color or price


  • 48 Wide X 39 Long x 12 High 

  • Solid fully welded patented design 

  • 100lbs easy dumping for all ages and abilities

  • Premium, high quality, heavy-duty, built tough to last

  • Proudly made in America with American steel and components

  • Sustainably, ethically produced, and fully recyclable 

  • Every Paddock Blade comes with a lifetime warranty as standard

  • Saves 70% of your paddock cleaning time

  • Saves 90% on your paddock cleaning effort

  • The fastest, easiest, and most efficient solution for your messy paddock(s)

  • Works on both flat, uneven, rough, hilly and undulating terrain

  • Collects all grazing animal manure, rocks, sticks, and organic debris

  • Maintenance-free: No moving parts

  • Can be towed with any ATV, 4-Wheeler, Ride On Mower, or Truck (Minimum 13 horsepower)

  • 92 Gallon capacity (Over 3.5 wheelbarrows)

  • 2200lbs towing capacity in trailer mode

  • 1-3 day shipping direct from our US and Canadian warehouses

*Please note the paddock blade is not intended for use on sand arenas or menages



Premium quality American steel and components

Fully welded construction, heavy duty and built tough to last

Requires no assembly, works straight out the box.


All orders leave our US and Canadian warehouses within 24 hours and are delivered within 1-3 days


Size : 48 Wide x 39 Long x 12 High

Weight - 100lbs

Volume held: 92 Gallons (over 3.5 wheelbarrows)

Towing capacity- 2200lbs


Lifetime warranty as standard.

read our warranty policy here.


100% recyclable

Sustainably and ethically produced in the USA

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    Based on 229 reviews
    Paddock Blade USA
    Stefani Watson
    So easy a 5yr old can do it!

    My son’s first “official chore”! We got our paddock blade delivered yesterday evening and just had to try it! A couple passes through the pasture and it was all cleaned up! My 5yr old said he wants this to be his job and there is no argument from us! This morning he was up at 6am, dressed, and said he was ready for his job!!!

    The whole team have been enjoying this review today Stefani! Seems like your boys aren't scared of a bit of hard work and getting stuck in. Thanks for bringing joy to our day by sharing this

    No more pitch fork!

    What a time saver!! Love this!!
    Customer service is easy to reach and they go above a beyond to help! I wish all companies ran like this!

    We always like to be the difference and do all we can. We're glad you recognise that :)

    Customer service on a whole new level

    From my first enquiry with the company by Messenger, right up to following up with me after delivery, the customer service from this team is exceptional. So there’s no surprise that the product is of the same quality. My property is mainly rocks and the Paddock Blade is getting the job done without all the backbreaking work. Can’t recommend more highly.

    Thank you for you valued feedback Jo!
    We are pleased to have exceeded your expectations and that you had a great expericence with us! We hope you save many valueable hours for many valuable years with your Paddock Blade!

    Big thanks from Jake and all of the PB USA team :)

    Paddock Blade USA
    Steven Whalen
    Glad I Purchased The Paddock Blade

    We recently purchased the Paddock Blade and it is going to work GREAT for our 10+ acre farm. I simply hook it to a hitch on the back of our golf cart and drive through the pastures - no more bending or stooping. Shipping was really quick, too.

    Thanks for your review Steven! Lots of people think you need to buy extra towing equipment to make it work but often what you already have will work just fine

    Happy Paddock Blading! From Jake and all the team

    Paddock Blade USA
    Jackie Pennington
    Mud lot cleaned in a snap

    I have a huge mud lot off my barn the horses like to poop down the sides. It use to take hours to shovel and rake. Now I run the blade around once a week, two laps and it is clean.

    Quick, easy and fun that's how we like it Jackie and we're glad to have made that the case for you too!

    Happy Paddock Blading from Jake and the team!

    Paddock Blade USA
    Cadance Harris
    This is a must have tool on your farm!

    Okay so I started off skeptical when initially heard about this and then I started watching the videos and I couldn’t believe how easy it looked. Let me tell you- the first time you use this magic tool you will be hooked. The Paddock Blade is legit! We have a farm on just over 5 acres. We have 4 donkeys and a bunch of smaller animals. The donkeys generate a lot of poo and they leave it everywhere!!!! I work super hard to pick it all up and we buy the fly predators and I put fly masks on the donkeys and fly spray every day in summer… so we do all the things to take good care of our animals. I picked up the poo regularly to keep the area clean and reduce worms/flies and keep my animals healthy and happy.
    Even with all my time and effort and if you have shoveled manure you know how much work that can be- I’ve never done as good of a job cleaning up the pastures as the paddock blade does. This tool is a total game changer. It works incredibly well and is so simple to use. It takes almost all the effort out of cleaning up your pasture.
    The quality of the paddock blade is worth mentioning too. It is extremely well built and sturdy.
    If you have animals then just do yourself a favor and order one. You won’t regret it and the first time you use it you will be wishing you had it sooner!
    This would make the best gift ever for your friends and family with horses or donkeys or cattle. YouTube video placeholder

    Thank you so much for your amazing review Candance!

    We are thrilled to hear that our Paddock Blade has made such a positive impact on your farm!

    We understand the hard work that goes into maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your animals, and we are so glad that our product has made it easier for you. Thank you for choosing Paddock Blaade and we hope to continue providing you with top-quality tools for your farm. Happy Paddock Blading from Jake and all the team!

    PS: Thank you for thr awesome video you made, it's the first time we've seen it used an at exclusive donkey property ❤️

    Skeptical ?

    We were skeptical like most. It did so much better than expected. Everyone questions inclines, as we did. The hills got about 85% or more. The hills were not perfect, but it did a heck of a lot better than we thought it would. Overall we are pleasantly surprised. The only downfall is getting the husband off of the quad to do other chores. Lol

    Thank you for you're review Angie! We have SO many people that tell us they won't work on their hilly properties without actually ever trying one. So it's refreshing to get your verified positive feedback!

    Good luck with your husband

    With gratitude from Jake and all the team!

    5 stars all the way!

    I’m skeptical of anything I buy, but this really works! We are in central GA so after we cleared land have lots of rocks and sticks. I got about 6 loads and the pasture looks amazing!

    Thank you for taking time to leave us your M.W. we really appreciate it and love to hear feedback from our customers! We also love to settle skeptism about the blade... your not the first and won't be the last Enjoy all the time and effort you save.

    From Jake and all the team

    I was skeptical and now I’m convinced! It works!!!

    I was really trying to justify this purchase, knowing my ground is very uneven, and after speaking with one of the owners of the company, I decided to give it a try! I cannot say enough about the Paddock Blade! I can load it up with hay and drag it to my feed room (same with bags of feed), it’s super easy to drag empty by hand to move it wherever I want, and whatever manure doesn’t get pick up, it breaks it up and spreads it (I have VERY uneven ground). Just a side note…after finding out the other competitor online is made in China and a cheap rip off version I decided to buy a US made product from the company that invented this. Great customer service and support. Great product! Fly population is way down. Compost pile huge! Intensive labor….almost zero! WIN!

    Works great!

    Used our paddock blade for the first time about a week ago. It cleaned up our 5 acres with ease. Definitely recommend.

    Thanks for your feedback it's always great to see!

    This thing really awesome !

    This thing is awesome!! I pulled this thing around with my side-by-side smiling ear to ear,, in the past, I would pull my Trailer around collecting it, and scooping it up by hand this thing saves me a lot of back work, and being a disabled veteran that hard for me to do. Jake was really awesome and great to work with, thanks Jake.

    Thanks for taking a little time out your day to leave us a review. The vision of your driving around with that huge smile on your face makes us smile in just the same way :D Jake wants to persoanlly thank you for your service and extend his grattitude for your feedback. Enjoy the time and effort it saves you Ken!

    Paddock Blade USA
    robin blake
    Great product Great service

    After a year of bouncing around pastures a couple the bolts worked loose and were lost in the weeds. Jake immediately sent some complete replacements after I inquired where I could find some. Locktite is on my shopping list. The blade has made a job no one would do for any amount of pay, to a task that doesn’t take all day and has some willing to do it. After a learning curve we figured out ways to make it even towing it backward on the return trip to avoid picking up anything..and hooking it up under a fence line to avoid the very muddy gate area. A solid simple piece of equipment from a great company to do business with.

    Thanks for your review Robin! Always our pleasure to serve you a make life a little easier

    Paddock Blade USA
    Ronald Landis
    Reduced labour hour for my staff!

    The blade works great and the workers have learned a few tricks navigating in and out of smallish fenced pastures avoid picking up gravel and finding easy spots to unload. Still a hard job to find someone willing to do but this makes it much quicker and less expensive in labor costs. With buckets and pitch forks it became impossible to find people willing.

    Paddock Blade USA
    Jodie Lache
    Quick and easy

    Been saving up for this for a while, I used to drag but then we I saw my neighbour using one of these I was sold. We live in hilly country out here in Tennessee it picks up the large marority of the poop and the birds take care of the rest. Good job on a properly built tool, I only buy American made which is getting harder and harder to do these days!

    It just works

    I've been scoopin poop for 30 years and always thought there had to be an easier way! The ony thing i'm unhappy about is that I didn't invent it! It's also a little heavy to lift but after a quick call they set me straight on an emptying method that works for me!

    Paddock Blade USA
    Sara Whittaker
    Do I love this too much

    What can I say from start to finish my experience with this company has been awesome, an actual human answered the phone and listened to allll my questions. I'm a curious sort and wanted to make sure it was right for me and my property after watching all the videos. Jake at the company was so accommodating and went above and beyond to get it here in less than 24 hours. I had some family coming and I needed my place looking at it's best.

    I genuinely love this piece of metal! perhaps a bit too much haha thanks guys you rock!

    Paddock Blade USA
    Janet Chancey
    I was wrong!

    Why I waited all my life to get one of these i'll never know! I was dubious as it looked to good to be true and those things usually are. Very pleased to say I was WRONG.... and I'm not the kind of gal to usually admit that.

    I've dramatically dropper my FEC's and my property has never looked so darn good. Awesome tool, awesome service, awesome company!

    Paddock Blade USA
    Dean Grunzino
    Ultimate gift for my longhorns fan!

    Been looking at these as a gift for my wife for a long time, then I saw the longhorn orange and knew she'd love it! I can confirm this is a classic case of happy wife happy life :)

    Thanks Paddock Blade!

    Game Changer for paddock management

    The Paddock Blade is a game changer for paddock maintenance & management. It is Feb and I just used my PB for the first time on footing that is partially frozen lumps from hoof prints with frozen manure, and hay waste accumulation. This is the scene after the snow melts and usually has to wait until thaw to even begin to clean, which takes weeks! The Paddock Blade picked up the frozen manure, hay scraps, and leveled the footing. I'm excited to continue to use the PB, each time I use it the footing gets better. I have rocks, roots, and unlevel terrain, it handles it like a champ! It will pull up large rocks so be aware so to go fill in the holes. Also best if you have a ground level manure pile, or ability to dump into a dumpster at ground level. I'm pulling mine with an ATV, the speed plays a role as well, and took a little experimenting, 8-10mph worked perfectly for me. I'm a big fan of the Paddock Blade and highly recommend!

    Very happy customer

    I just want to follow up with you regarding the paddock blade I purchased from your company.

    It worked wonderfully on my horse pasture. I had a full winters worth of poop and it cleaned it up.

    Also, I have another pasture that re ran lateral line for our new septic. I used it to pick up rocks. Worked great!

    Very happy customer,

    Amazing time saver

    So I have a very hilly 10 acre pasture that would take me and my daughter days to clean . But just days after winter broke and snow melted and dried up I clean the pasture by myself , with just about 6 loads and now more than an hour and half of my time .. the pastures was all clean up from over two months of waiting with winter !

    Hey Bobbie! Thanks for being such a legend and taking time to leave us your feedback. So many people as us if they work on hills and this review will help them see that it does.

    Enjoy all the extra time you have to do the things you love :)

    Amazed Customer

    My wife has been cleaning her multiple acres by hand for years. She is very detailed on horse paddocks. I saw her work ethic and time spent on cleaning manure. As a supportive husband I purchased the Paddock Blade. She was actually surprised and used it day one. She immediately saved three hours first use. Her review is two thumbs up. My review is a happy wife happy life and the customer service was excellent.

    Thank you for taking time out of your day to leave us a review Kevin. I'm Jake (the same guy you see in the videos) and I personally wanted to let you know much your feedback made my day!

    Our family business has been making and selling this product for the last 8 years and I'm pleased our family could bring some value to yours.... as they say happy wife happy life :)

    Enjoy all the time and effort it saves you!

    Paddock Blade USA
    Brooke @ Ancient Oaks Farm
    Great for cows too!

    We run a small cattle operation and love our Paddock Blade! We use it in our horse pastures but were truly surprised at how great it works in the cow pastures as well. Definitely a lifesaver! It can be a bit heavy when it’s full but that’s nothing a broom or shovel can’t fix before I tip it to dump it out.

    Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review Brooke! We're thrilled to hear that the blade has been a lifesaver for your cow pastures too!

    So many people ask us about it working for cows too, so this review and video will be really helpful to them!. We appreciate your feedback on the weight when it's full, as you said nothing a broom or shovel can't handle.

    Happy Paddock Blading Brooke!
    Team Paddock Blade USA

    Lifesaving piece of equipment

    Paddock Blade has been a lifesaver for me! No more hours of back breaking labor picking paddocks by hand. I can now clean the entire property in less than the amount of time it used to take me to clean ONE pasture! I have used it in multiple places and have always been impressed! Thanks Paddock Blade! :)

    Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a review!

    We are thrilled to hear that our Paddock Blade has been a lifesaver for you and has made cleaning your property so much easier and quicker. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and effective equipment for our customers, and we are happy to know that it has impressed you in multiple settings.

    Thank you for choosing Paddock Blade and for your support Britnee!
    Team Paddock Blade

    Paddock Blade USA
    Beverley G
    Paddock blade is fantastic

    The paddock blade is a must-have for anyone with a medium to large farm. It works like a dream, emptied easily, and has NO MOVJNG PARTS that need to be maintained. Love this piece of equipment, can’t believe a lived without it for so long.

    Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with your blade!

    We're thrilled to hear that the Paddock blade has been such a fantastic addition to your farm. We're glad it has made your job easier and that you appreciate its low maintenance design. Thank you for choosing our product and we hope it continues to serve you well.

    Happy Paddock Blading Beverley!
    Team Paddock Blade